T.S.A. reviews banned travel items

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NEW ORLEANS – Summer is almost here and traveling to your favorite places might get a little easier! M.S.Y. says knowing what to leave and take to the airport can lead to smoother experience at the checkpoints.

The Louis Armstrong International Airport is growing in popularity, everyday. Last year alone, over 13 million passengers traveled in and out of M.S.Y., that’s why safety is the biggest concern for their staff.

“We do screen approximately 21,000 passengers everyday at this airport and with those passengers come tens of thousands of bags and, unfortunately, many prohibited items” T.S.A. Speaker, Sari Koshetz , told us.

Items that are big, small, and everything in between. From cat eyes, to power tools, the airport is on a mission to intercept them all. “T.S.A. is people, processes, and technology. We have experts on our staff, we have technology that can find explosives right down to a molecule and we have processes to keep you safe everyday.”

Processes include security, X-rays and random bag searches. These practices are increasing travel safety. T.S.A. says, last year, they stopped 4,329 guns nationwide. “Across that state of Louisiana, we stopped 95 guns and right here in New Orleans, we stopped 59 guns” Says Sari Koshetz .

Tools go into the what-were-you-thinking when you put this into your carry on bag category. A wrench might be sketchy but their airport staff say, they’ll give you a chance to properly handle items like that. “We’ll walk you out of the check point to put it in your car if you parked locally, to back to your airline– put it in your checked bag.”

If you don’t have a checked bag, you’re welcomed to check in your carry on. after all, going the extra mile for safety, is worth it.



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