S&WB: Turbine test to produce black smoke over city

sewerage and water board building new orleans
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NEW ORLEANS – The Sewerage and Water Board will test a turbine today that will spew a dark plume of exhaust over the city.

Crews will test Turbine 5 at the Carrollton Water Plant to ensure that it is capable of running on diesel fuel, according to the S&WB.

The turbine runs on natural gas but has the capability to switch over to diesel in an emergency.

The S&WB attempted to switch Turbine 5 over to diesel in May of last year, but testing was delayed to ensure it would be functional during hurricane season.

Turbine 5 was one of the main power sources that was not functional during widespread flooding in August of 2017.

It has been operational since March 2018, according to the S&WB.

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