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METAIRIE, LA — You may like fireworks, but there’s a good chance your pets are terrified of them.  So Jefferson Parish workers are offering some suggestions to help calm your best friend’s fears of the rockets’ red glare and bombs bursting in air.

First off, make sure your pet has a collar with a visible ID tag.  Also, make sure you have a current photo of your pet in the event you become separated.

Second, keep a leash on your pet when outdoors.  Jefferson Parish workers say you may also want to keep the lease on the animal when it’s indoors while people are shooting fireworks in the area in case you pet tries to bolt out the door.

Remember, once the fireworks begin, you’ll probably want to keep your pet indoors.  So make sure you take the animal on a long walk or allow for some exercise so it will be less likely to be anxious.  Also, the time outdoors will give the animal plenty of time to use the bathroom, reducing the chances of an accident inside.

If you have a small room or even a crate that your pet is accustomed to using, consider putting the animal there.  Include its favorite toys or even treats and perhaps swaddle it with a wrap to reduce anxiety.

Also, keep the television on or play some music so that there is noise in the room, and keep your doors and windows closed to reduce the noise from the fireworks outdoors.

Finally, stay calm.  If you’re agitated, your pet could be as well.  And remember, scolding your pet may only confuse it.  Maybe even consider spraying a calming mist in the room or the animal’s crate.