NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — What was supposed to be an evening of casual soccer quickly turned into a nightmare for Leo Gonzalez. As Gonzalez, his brother and several friends were leaving the field on Cadiz and Lasalle in Uptown Monday night, two armed men approached them and demanded their keys.

“My brother told him that he didn’t have no keys, so they went to my friends car and tried to get his car but his girlfriend turned off the car and took out the keys from the car and threw them on the floor,” said Gonzalez.

The suspects ran off and were quickly chased by police, but this is just the latest incident to happen in the area.

Sunday night, an armed man entered D.P. Dough on Freret and robbed the place. Thursday, a woman picking up dinner from another restaurant was shot at by someone trying to steal her car. Now, locals are looking over their shoulder, fearing what will happen next.

“I’m really concerned. They need more police presence. People around here, we look out for each other. Some people are just coming in here and making us an easy target and that’s not right,” said a neighbor who did not want to be identified.

This neighbor says the recent string of crime is unusual for the area.

“It’s usually quiet down here. This is really a shock for the whole neighborhood. The neighborhood right now is on stand by,”

As for Gonzalez, he says Monday night’s incident has left him shaken.

“I work in the area. I don’t feel safe around the area no more. So the past week has been three accidents like that and I just don’t feel safe,” said Gonzalez.