Storyland Starts their Revitalization after 35 Years

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NEW ORLEANS – Our beloved Storyland started their revitalization Monday morning. The summer project is aiming to add four new exhibits and upgrades to the existing site.

It’s been 60 years since Storyland opened and over 35 years since its last renovation! That’s why City Park is pulling out all the stops to enhance the magical experience!

Storyland is a place for kids to be kids and to learn about our favorite fairy tales! The larger-than-life park has been around since the 1950’s and somehow, it still finds a way to capture our hearts. Now, over three decades later, Storyland is upping ante.

“Some of our new additions are gonna be something for Humpty Dumpty. So, that’s a place that kids and families can play together. As opposed to, sometimes, there’s places for kids to play and parents just kind of watch” Public Relations Director, Amanda Frentz told WGNO. “So, it’s gonna be, kinda, the ‘E’ in “STEM” and focusing a little bit on engineering.”

Amanda also says “renovation” is not the word to use for this project.

“We’re calling it a revitalization because we want to make sure that people know that we are not getting rid of anything. So we’re not renovating everything. Everything that you love is still gonna be able to be there; it’s just gonna be bigger and better. And then, we are bringing in some new options as well.”

The new options will take a bit of time to add, so Storyland will likely be closed until this fall. “We are working really hard. We started demo today so the project is up and we’ll have it open as soon as we can!”

When Storyland reopens, tickets will increase by one dollar to help pay for the park improvements.



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