NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — If Sunday’s thunderstorm knocked out power, what does Entergy say it can do to keep power on during a hurricane?

In Algiers Point, residents lost power for nearly three hours in Sunday’s storm. So, if a small storm knocked out power for three hours, then what will a major storm do? Is Entergy ready?

“My daughter and I were sleeping. When we woke up, the trash cans were flying and the wind was blowing tremendously. It looked like a mini baby hurricane,” said Whitney Perry, who lives in Algiers Point.

Thunderstorms hit hard in Algiers Point on Atlantic Street where Perry and her ten-month-old daughter, Marleigh, live.

“It was raining with trees falling down. You have to keep your head on a swivel for you and your family. My ten-month-old daughter was cranky. She was over it. She was over it,” Perry said.

But Mother Nature isn’t over it, if last night’s storm is any indication, so Whitney’s worried.

“As we can see the weather changing, the climate’s changing. I hope Entergy is prepared for all the things they have coming,” she said.

At a hurricane press conference, Entergy leaders say they are taking necessary steps to be ready for any storm.

“Preparations include tabletop storm drills involving cross team training across our service territory as well as simulating Category 5 scenario for our field crews and leaders. We will always be chasing storm recovery, but no system is fail-proof,” Sandra Diggs with Entergy said.

“After a little rain last night, it’s going to be interesting this year,” Perry said.

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