MANDEVILLE, La. (WGNO) – On Thursday night, the St. Tammany Parish Council passed a revised version of a zoning density moratorium that Parish President Mike Cooper originally proposed this year.

St.Tammany Parish officials announced that the Council approved a temporary moratorium on the rezoning of a residential property for higher-density developments. It will restrict the rezoning of the property to allow no more than four housing units per acre of land.

The moratorium does not restrict building permits and allows building under the property’s current zoning classification.

“Although what was passed was less restrictive than what I originally requested, I am happy with this ordinance and will sign it into law,” Cooper said after Thursday’s vote.

He added, “Some Council members were unhappy last month that I had not consulted them before the original ordinance was introduced, but in the end, our system of government worked and a satisfactory compromise was reached.”

Cooper’s original proposal would’ve provided a six-month moratorium on rezoning to allow residential development of no more than one home per acre. 

Cooper requested the moratorium to be completed by 2024 along with studies on drainage, traffic, wetlands, and other issues related to growth according to St.Tammany Parish officials.

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