St. Tammany group to hold ‘Ear of Steve’ fundraiser for access to Scalise

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ABITA SPRINGS, La. – A citizens group is planning a fundraiser to purchase some time with Congressman Steve Scalise, who they say has been shirking his responsibilities in his home state.

The St. Tammany Indivisible Chapter will host an “Ear of Steve” event at the Abita Springs Town Hall on Sunday, June 11, from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m., according to Zac Stine, the group’s leader.

The Scalise Leadership Fund, which represents several Scalise fundraising PACs, has distributed a list of one-on-one events that outlines how donors can buy access Scalise.

The list was first reported by USA Today and the Center for Media and Democracy in January.

“We have studied the nine-page document created by the Scalise Leadership Fund and determined that one of us can buy access to Mr. Scalise for as little as $5,000,” Stine said. “Of course, that’s the minimum. I’m sure $100,000 would be preferable, but we probably can’t raise that. We are ordinary citizens, and it’s hard for us to defer our house or student loan payments or not pay our medical bills to donate to our congressional representative, but we hope the fundraiser will help.”

The STIC hosted a meeting at the Abita Springs Town Hall in April, but Scalise didn’t attend, so the group placed a large picture of Scalise behind a podium, according to Stine.

“We’d really rather talk to our congressman in person,” he said.

The “Ear of Steve” fundraiser will feature an oversize picture of an ear that attendees can fill with donations, how-to-Tweet lessons, a station to write postcards to Scalise, and laptops equipped to email Scalise.

“We will also collect donations for Mr. Scalise’s constituents in St.Tammany who happen to be homeless, and attendees can contribute to that fund instead,” Stine said. “And if we don’t meet the minimum $5000, we will donate whatever we have to the homeless as well.”


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