Sophie B. Wright Student Makes Court Appearance to Appeal Punishment

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NEW ORLEANS – Sophie B. Wright School senior, Lyric Fernandez, is fighting to appeal the punishment handed to her last month. She, along with several classmates were banned from walking in the school’s graduation ceremony this upcoming Monday.

According to Lyric, she and other peers took part in a water fight as a school prank. “I feel like our consequence could have just been like, you know, suspension– that was fine but just… taking away the graduation, now you just tryna stall, like you’re doing everything in your power.”

Yesterday, Lyric, her parents, and their attorney appeared in court to refute the punishment given to the eighteen-year-old.

Moments after the judge sat down, she revealed she no longer had authority to hear the case because it was moved to federal court.

However, the families attorney, Macy Leddet, told WGNO, she believe it was a stalling tactic, “We do feel like this is the defense trying to make this issue mute. If this gets removed to federal court and the T.R.O is not granted in federal court, Ms. Fernandez is not gonna walk.”

After the meeting was adjourned, Lyrics father, Doran Fernandez expressed his frustration, “It’s really, really a simple situation that’s really gotten blown out of proportion… just to watch my child walk across the stage.”

Leddet says she’s reached out to the school board as an attempt to resolve this issue but she’s had no communication with anyone from the office, “I watched my daughter go from being very troubled and getting a lot of issues” Doran said, “then onto the honor roll. It’s just a moment I want to see with my child.”

Lyric was scheduled to graduate from Sophie B. Wright School on May 13th.

Yesterday, Leddet says she attempted to file a T.R.O late afternoon. They are still waiting to hear their fate.

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