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DESTREHAN, La. – After 11 years of battling infertility, Shantelle Dozier is finally pregnant, and she planned a special surprise for her mother-in-law to let her know.

Shantelle said she wanted to “be all Pinterest and cutesy” with her pregnancy announcement, but she got so excited that she was having trouble waiting for the perfect time.

She ended up working with her husband, Wesley Dozier, to surprise Wesley’s mother, Cynthia Dozier.

With a cell phone camera recording the event for posterity, Wesley stashed a hot dog bun in the oven and called his mother over to investigate.

It took Cynthia quite a while to catch on, much to the delight of Shantelle and everyone else who had gathered for the big reveal.

“A bun’s in the oven!” Cynthia says. “Who put a bun in the oven?”

Wesley can’t express the incredulous look on his face as his mother continues to miss the implications.

“You put the bun in the oven?” she asks him at one point.

“Maybe not that oven,” he responds.

Eventually, Cynthia catches on, and Wesley embraces his mother as tears come to her eyes.

Quite a few laughs arrived first, though.