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WALKER, La. – The police department of a small town near Baton Rouge is drawing attention to what they termed “war zone” conditions on a local road with a series of humorous Facebook posts.

The stretch of road in question, Florida Boulevard in Walker, Louisiana, has so many potholes and is in such disrepair that the Walker Police Department felt the need to take to Facebook to warn drivers.

A post from December 20 warned drivers to drive slowly and carefully, especially since there are no lane markers on the road.

“And if you see a vehicle in front of you drive off into a pothole and disappear, please call us,” the department wrote.

Later on that day, the department upped the ante with another post about the stretch of road, and this time they pulled out all the stops.

The department clarified that swimming, snorkeling, SCUBA diving, and recreational boating are prohibited in the potholes, but “the use of jet skis, pirogues, flat boats, and canoes for transportation purposes is permitted.”

Residents are advised against fishing or setting up duck blinds inside the potholes, and “ tractors, bulldozers, tanks and all other all-terrain vehicles” are also prohibited.

“In the unlikely event that temperatures drop to a level which causes potholes to freeze over, consideration will be given to permitting limited ice skating for recreational and transportation purposes,” the department wrote. “Thank you all for your questions.”