Slidell police launch new crime-fighting tool just in time for carnival


Photos provided by Slidell Police Department

SLIDELL, LA — The Slidell Police Department is going to new heights to fight crime. The department just took delivery of two mobile camera towers that can give officer a 360 degree view.

The department says that the cameras can be deployed to busy shopping centers, large public events or even higher crime areas to deliver remote, live images from anywhere.

The towers use both solar power and generators and can operate for weeks.

Also, the towers’ capabilities can be expanded to include gunshot detection systems.

“The technology inside of this camera system is amazing,” Slidell Police Chief Randy Fandal says in a social media post announcing the towers’ arrival. “This is definitely a 21st century crime-fighting tool. Our goal is to use these real-time crime cameras to keep people safe during large events, to deter and lower crime, and to help solve crime when it happens.”

Looking into the future, Slidell police would like to expand the program with more cameras and perhaps enlist the business community and neighbors to help pay for a wider network of cameras.


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