Slidell Mayor Greg Cromer and his wife Peggy talk about the magic of Christmas


SLIDELL (WGNO)— The Christmas spirit is definitely felt in Slidell, and that’s because the Mayor and his wife love Christmas so much that they are spreading that Christmas spirit throughout the town.

WGNO’s Kenny Lopez talked with them about their love for Christmas.

For the Mayor of Slidell, Greg Cromer and his wife Peggy Christmas is the most magical time of year.

Mayor Cromer said, “It is all about family and children and the joy of Christmas. The excitement of Christmas morning.”

Peggy Cromer said, “I’ve always told my kids if you don’t believe in Santa Claus he will not come so my children are in their 30’s now and they still believe in Santa Claus.”

It is the Mayor’s and his wife’s mission during the holidays to have people in Slidell believe in that Christmas magic. So much in fact that Slidell’s Old Towne looks like The North Pole with all of its elaborate decorations.

“The magic is growing and getting bigger each year. It is growing every year as we add to our inventory of decorations,” Mayor Cromer said.

As they take a stroll through this Slidell Winter Wonderland, it is making them both reminsce on their own past Christmas’.

“Mother and Father got me a sewing machine. That was a big gift. A big sacrifice on their part to get me that sewing machine,” Peggy Cromer said.

“I got a toy cannon one year. We had a hedge in front of my house and I’d stay on one side of the hedge and shoot balls to the other side and they would fly over,” Mayor Cromer said.

As Christmas’ go by, year after year, one thing still remains the same for the Cromer’s and that’s they still have that magical child-like wonder.

“It is truly about bringing the ones you love together and enjoy time together. It is a Hallmark moment I guess you can say,” Mayor Cromer said.

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