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COVINGTON, La. (WGNO) — St. Peter Catholic Church member Ruth Prats was laid to rest Saturday morning after her and Father Otis Young were brutally murdered in November.

Loved ones told WGNO Saturday, they want Prats to be remembered for her faith.

“Real Holy lady,” church member Rick Salter said. “She gave her whole life to God and the church. I mean, everything she did was for the church.”

Prats was a mother, grandmother, great-grandmother and, to many, a great friend.

“It’s hard to see the family up there, her grandkids and all that,” Salter said. “But she groomed them all too. So, they’re all very good, Holy people, so, they’ll be fine.”

Salter said, Prats’ impact on their parish was extensive. That was proven by the number of people who showed up to celebrate her life.

According to Salter, Prats biggest involvement was with the RCIA program that brought hundreds of new members to the church.

“She’ll always be remembered,” Salter said. “For all she did.”

Antonio Tyson stands accused of the double murder. At last check, his first court date is Dec. 21.