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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO)— The city’s Office of Workforce Development is designed to be both creator and facilitator of jobs and workers in New Orleans.

A new training course, supported by the office is hoping to do just that in the world of tech sales.

Courtney Williams, Founder and CEO of Skillz Academy states, “When people think of tech, they often thing about engineering, coding, stuff like the technical math oriented side of tech. In reality, for the vast majority of tech companies, the majority of their employees are on the business side in sales, customer support, customer success, operations.”

Skillz Academy is designed to train up a diverse workforce in tech sales and support here.

Williams continued, “Of course in New Orleans, a predominantly black city, most of the tech companies here are woefully underrepresented in terms of their African American employees, so we’re trying to change that.”

The city’s Office of Workforce Development is partnered with the effort and helping to fund the training, and Director Sunae Villavaso saw this program as a means of helping locals affected by the pandemic.

According to Villavaso, “We had so many people in the hospitality industry who were without work, and what we wanted to do was take that customer service skill that we have in the hospitality industry and layer it with 8 weeks of training in the tech industry. Thus is born a customer success person.”

The training begins August 23 but you must sign up at the Skillz Academy website. There are no upfront costs, in fact if you qualify, that’s being handled by the city and if you feel as if you’re a candidate to change jobs or land in a new field, this could be for you.

Click here for information on the Skillz Academy