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NEW ORLEANS – You’re used to seeing New Orleans Saints players on the field on game day, but have you ever wondered what goes on when they get home? Our very own Tamica Lee sat down with the wives of some of our favorite Saints players to talk about life off of the field. Nikki Jordan, who has been married to her husband Cam Jordan for six years, said he’s definitely the “fun dad” to their three children, while she has to be the disciplinarian. And how did the couple meet? On Bourbon Street, through friends. But Nikki didn’t make it easy on Cam. “I didn’t know who he was,” Nikki said. “Come on, I didn’t care..I called him Cameron, he loves to introduce himself as Cam, and I walked off in a different direction.” Watch parts one and two of Nikki Jordan’s interview with Tamica Lee for more on the amazing football couple.