NEW ORLEANS (WGNO)— Today the New Orleans City Council took steps to prohibit street stunts.

The New Orleans City Council is making it clear that they want the street stunts to stop before it spins out of control. They want not only the ones doing the stunts to face charges, but also the spectators who are taking part too.

Shocking street stunts like we saw earlier this month on our city streets is what the City Council is now pushing harder to stop.

“The ordinance will amend an existing ordinance of the City’s code of ordinances that deals with speed contests,” Eugene Green, New Orleans City Councilmember District D said.

Councilmembers voted unanimously to approve amendments that will now include stunt activity and not just speeding.

“Stunt activities like burning out tires and doing donuts,” he said.

And those caught will have to face the consequences.

“City law is $500 and imprisonment for 30 days,” he said.

In addition cars involved will be impounded for no less than 15 days with impound costs required. Spectators involved in blocking or barricading the streets with their cars or those promoting it on social media, they’ll all be be charged with illegal activity.

“For those people who thinks it is just a fun-filled activity, all across the country there are headlines of people who have been killed or people who have been hurt by this activity,” Oliver Thomas, New Orleans City Councilmember District E said.

The City Council also says the new approved ordinance includes any ATV’s, dirt bikes, and mini-bikes involved in this kind of dangerous activity.