NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – She makes it look so easy.

That’s Selling the Big Easy, look so easy.

That happens to be the name of the TV show, on HGTV.

The host is New Orleans realtor and superstar sales-woman Brittany Picolo-Ramos.

WGNO Good Morning New Orleans features reporter Bill Wood is watching.

With Brittany as your determined tour guide, this old house could be your new address.

The realtor who was born and raised right here is a walking talking marketing machine for everything she loves about living in Louisiana.

That’s what she shows and tells on her TV show.

The whole world watching.

Tuning in to see how she sells a house.

And how she sells herself.

Her style. Her brand.

Bill Wood says, “watching you is like a masterclass in self-confidence.”

She says it comes from being made fun of as a kid.

Her mission was to push past all the mean people.

Now she knows, “it doesn’t matter what people think about you, it’s what you think about yourself.”

Bill Wood asks, “what happened to all those kids who made fun of you, they don’t have their own TV show?”

Brittany says, “I blocked them out.”

Brittany believes there’s no place like home.

Especially, if she’s the one who gets the commission.