She hits all the high notes


Loyola University Opera Student is a Star

NEW ORLEANS – Around New Orleans, she knows her way around a high note.

She’s Julia Ernst.

A music student at Loyola University.

And now, WGNO’s Bill Wood hears, Julia is on her way to the International Grand Prix Competition.

It happens in May.

It happens at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC.

Sounds like a car race.

It’s an international contest for folks who accelerate in the driver’s seat of music.

Just like Julia Ernst.

She’s been singing since she was in eighth grade.

It was a little later in life, she fell in love with opera.

Julia says, “I just automatically fell in love with how timeless the art form is, I love to learn the different languages and love to tell the stories.”

Julia Ernst is now nineteen.

She’s a college kid majoring in music.

She works with her opera professor.

She works with her own piano player.

She works with her voice.

That voice.

The voice that already gets a standing ovation from your soul.

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