NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — If you haven’t started thinking of what you want to be for Halloween, now is the time! WGNO’s Kenny Lopez needed some help finding a costume, so he went to Southern Costume Company in New Orleans to figure it out.

At Southern Costume Company, folks are looking for funny, scary or sexy Halloween costumes.

“Something flowy and the less the better,” Megan Rutherford, A costume shopper said.

If you want to be Elmo, Tigger, or a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, they got you covered, but Macie Breaux a costumer at Southern Costume says this year these are a few of the “Most Wanted” costumes.

“This year a popular Netflix show is Dahmer Special and we have a lot of people coming out to get these jumpsuits that he wore in prison. Dahmer does have a popular costume, but he should not be a popular man,” Breaux said.

She says the trendiest costumes this year are from TV shows and movies.

“Brigerton is probably the biggest one and Interview with the Vampire. Everyone wants to be vampires,” she said.

From historical to colonial times to modern day costumes.

“So someone even wanted to be a pothole the other day, and we got them this costume with a come, but believe it or not no one has wanted to be Mayor Latoya Cantrell yet,” Breaux said.

This Halloween pirates and zombies aren’t losing any of their stride, they are once again in high demand year after year.

“Pirates have a connection to New Orleans because it is a port city,” she said.

“We got a big zombie collection. We work a lot with the film industry so we have costumes that are pre-aged and weathered,” she said.

Southern Costume Company is located at 951 Lafayette Street.

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