NEW ORLEANS— New Orleans Clerk of Court Darren Lombard wants to make sure that voters are aware of changes made to several voting locations.

One thing that is top of mind for Lombard is polling place changes this Election Day.

“We don’t want to frustrate the voters at all. We want them to know where they are going so they can be comfortable and fit it into their day, especially if one of the changes requires transportation,” Lombard said.

Two precincts (12-3 and 12-5) have moved from the Austerlitz Street Baptist Church which is being repaired after a fire broke out in September. The new voting locations are at Arthur Ashe School and the school at 3649 Laurel Street.

Precincts 4-18 has moved from Engine House 18 on Harrison Avenue to Hynes School.

Also because of repairs, Precincts 3-1 through 3-6 have moved from the 2nd District Fire Station on Magazine Street to the VFW Hall at 531 Lyons Street.

Precincts 14-13a, 14-15, and 14-16 have moved back to the Ellis Marsalis Jr. building at Willow School.

“Part of the process we found the closest location, where sometimes it is next door, sometimes it is just a few blocks away as much as maybe a mile away, but we try to get the closest location. We don’t want to inconvenience the voters at all,” Lombard said.