Jefferson Parish Animal Shelter employees fired after investigation reveals dogs were improperly euthanized


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NEW ORLEANS – Jefferson Parish President Mike Yenni announced the dismissal of several Jefferson Parish Animal Shelter employees after an invesitgation into misconduct.

During the press conference, Mike Yenni addressed the findings from an investigation into allegations of misconduct at the shelter.

Over a two month span, 30 interviews were conducted with employees and volunteers.

Unfortunately, animal mistreatment was discovered through the investigation.

Records show that in 2017, four dogs were euthanized without following the proper protocols.

Mike Yenni says that information was turned over to the sheriff’s office.

” We have contractors that are vets. Both the east bank shelter has one and the west bank shelter has one. And the accusations came forward that we’ve turned over to the sheriff’s office for that investigation into the improper euthanization of those animals,” Yenni said.

When asked if someone other than a veterinarian euthanized the four dogs, Deputy Chief Operating Officer Michele Morel responded, “At this time, what we did learn through this investigation, we do believe there is criminal activity, so we have to turn that over to the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office.  And I’m going to instruct Mr Yenni not to respond any more to that because we don’t want to impede their investigation at this time.”

Upon completion of the investigation, Animal Shelter Director Robin Beaulieu was fired.

Two additional upper management employees were also terminated, those being the West Bank Shelter Manager and Chief Animal Control Officer.

Additionally, one animal control officer was reassigned to another department.

The investigation showed that 20 job positions were left unfilled for an extended period of time and several important contracts were left unsigned or expired.

Mike Yenni has created a team of individuals he trusts to begin corrective actions.

Of the 20 unfilled positions, 17 people workers have been hired, leaving only three positions to be filled.

All employees and volunteers will be properly trained on standard operating procedures and protocols.

The interim management team has been in contact with an animal rescue organization who will be coming in to help get things back on track.


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