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Samuel Little

HOUMA – A man who has been connected to at least 90 cold cases has confessed to murdering two women in the Houma area more than 20 years ago.

Samuel Little was serving three life sentences in California for a string of murders when he was implicated in a cold case in Odessa, Texas, from 1994.

Texas authorities contacted the Louisiana State Police to notify them that Little had implicated himself in a pair of murders in the Houma area.

The LSP contacted the HPD, and detectives reopened the investigations into the murders of 55-year-old Dorothy Richards in 1982 and 40-year-old Daisy McGuire in 1996.

Richards’ body was found off LA24 near Woodlawn Ranch Road, while McGuire’s body was found in the 900 block of Magnolia Street in Houma.

Little lived in the Schriever area at the time of both murders, and has confessed to killing both women.

In all, Little has been implicated in the murders of at least 90 people between 1970 to 2005.