CHOCTAW COUNTY, Okla. (WGNO) — The car of a missing Houma woman was found in the Kiamichi River near Fort Towson, Okla. after her family hadn’t heard from her in days.

According to the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI), 33-year-old Caitlyn Case’s car and phone were found in the Kiamichi River Aug. 12. Her father last heard from her when she was roughly 2 hours south in Red River County, Texas almost a week prior.

Gage Gautreaux of Houma told WGNO he met Case at a Notary office just days before she left. He said, she was talking about her trip to Colorado and could not believe when he heard the news.

“Me and my family were upset about it, worried,” Gautreaux said. “Once I met her I seen she was a nice loving person. She spoke about animals and stuff like that. You could tell this was a good person.”

OSBI is asking anyone with information on Case’s whereabouts or any surveillance video along her route to contact them at (800) 522-8017 or