NEW ORLEANS (WGNO)— By now you’ve probably heard Saints Coach Sean Payton has announced he’s retiring, and it comes the same week a new Netflix movie is premiering that’s loosely based on what Coach Payton did during his time away from coaching during that infamous BountyGate scandal. WGNO’s Kenny Lopez talked to the writer of the sports comedy, “Home Team.”

Shortly after Coach Sean Payton and the Saints won the Super Bowl, we all the news story, but a new Netflix movie called, “Home Team,” tells a loosely-based story that you may not know on what Coach Payton did during his suspension.

“I know this story better than anyone on the planet. I mean I lived it, I breathed it for two years. He made what could’ve been one of the worst years of his life into what was one of the best years of his life,” Christopher Titone, Writer, Actor, Producer said.

Screenwriter of “Home Team,” Christopher Titone has been dating Coach Sean Payton’s daughter, Meghan for the past six years, so after hearing the story he had an idea.

“What he did when he was off that year was go back to Texas and coach his son’s football team. My sister is married to Adam Sandler and he hit me up immediately and said dude you to to write that movie,” Titone said.

Comedian Kevin James stars as Coach Payton.

“The guy can make something comedic really dramatic,” Titone said.

The film also stars Rob Schneider and ‘Twilight’ star Taylor Lautner who happens to be one of Titone’s best friends.

Titone said that when people watch this new movie he really wants people to get a real feel for how hilarious Sean Payton really is.

“Sean Payton is one of the funniest people I know, and I only know comedians. I know him as the funny guy at Thanksgiving dinner telling the most hilarious story ever,” Titone said.

Titone said this movie is inspired by classic feel-good sports movies like “Bad News Bears,” “Little Giants,” and “The Sandlot.”

“We wanted a good dramatic movie first and then addition of comedic moments throughout,” Titone said.

Payton hasn’t even seen the movie yet, he’ll after watch it with the rest of us when it premieres worldwide on Netflix this Friday, January 28th.

“Every now and then I’d bring my IPad and I’d show him a few two minute clips,” Titone said.

Here’s the trailer to the new Netflix movie, “Home Team.”