Saints upgrade their outdoor facility for fans

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NEW ORLEANS – Our super Saints are showing off their best plays for their 2019 training camp and their plays aren’t the only thing they’re showing off!

This year, the organization added some upgrades for the fans.

“We’re out here representing five generations of saints fans” Sim Strain, told WGNO.

There’s less than 40 days until the NFL season is here. Lucky for us, our thirst for the game is quenched– just a little bit– because we get to be a part of the Saints training camp.

Fans like Sim couldn’t be more amped. “We’re here for the repeat, you know what I’m saying? Ten year anniversary of the Superbowl season. So we’re bringing it, we’re the Who Dat nation!”

Of course, it’s fun to watch the players in action and bond over one of the most popular sports in the world; but what makes the experience even better is the recent upgrades.

Fans were installed, the concession stand improved, and top of the line merchandise was available for the saints supporters.

“As a woman of a certain age, I certainly appreciate a little mist on a warm day” Sim’s wife, Ann Strain said.

However, the no-call still stands as something not so appreciated.

“Still not over it” Another fan, Troy Thomas, told us. “I feel like they should just automatically let us go to the Superbowl but I’m not over it still.”

Although we can’t go back in time, we can always look forward.

“I wanted to see the Saints play in the Superbowl but I’m hoping this year, they’re gonna go.”

“It’s this year, 2019. It’s Drew’s year– the repeat.”

The last day of training camp is Thursday, August 22nd. Tickets are free but they’re first come, first serve.


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