NEW ORLEANS (WGNO)— Despite the Saints bleak outlook and lackluster performance this season… fans still have hope for another team—the Pelicans!

“It just doesn’t look good for us. It is sad and it hurts my heart,” Saints Superfan, “Soul Saint” said.

“Soul Saint” is still in Arizona after going to the last Saints game where they lost to the Arizona Cardinals.

“Going to be hard to have a winning season this year. We’d have to make a total turnaround,” he said.

Saints fans who watched the game at home feel the Saints are struggling because of Coach Dennis Allen, a lack of a real Quarterback and problems with the offense.

“Just bad coaching. We have Taysom Hill doing work every single week and last night him not being in the game. I miss Sean Payton and Drew Brees,” Kevin Lykins, Saints and Pelicans fan said.

“Oh man, they need some dog food. They don’t have the drive they normally have. Why do they get down to the 20-yard line and Alvin Kamara never gets the ball,” James Sykes, Saints and Pelicans fan said.

It has been decades that Saints fans were so embarrassed by the black and gold that they wore brown paper bags over their heads. Now it begs the question—is it time to bring the bags back?

“No, not quite yet. Me and my brother did that at Tulane Stadium back in the day,” Sykes said.

But hope is on the horizon with our NBA team, The Pelicans, who are looking strong and worth cheering on.

“I’m happy about the Pelicans. Zion’s back. We got a team. I think we can go far this year,” Lykins said.

“It makes me feel good to know that we do have a pro team here that will do what we want our Saints to do,” Soul Saint said.

Overall fans feels the Saints need a total revamp and fast. A new draft pick for Quarterback next season is what they say they are hoping for.

Yet fans are pretty happy with Saints rookie Rashid Shaheed, who’s been scoring touchdowns!