Safety Leaders Hold Hurricane Prep Meeting

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NEW ORLEANS – Hurricane season starts this Saturday and the city is ready for whatever comes our way. New Orleans safety leaders say, they are prepared for a hurricane now, more than ever.

As the city of New Orleans prepares for the 2019 hurricane season, many residents are concerned about their safety.  That’s why a brief meeting was held at City Hall to discuss what you can do to protect yourself and your family during an emergency situation.

The Director of Homeland Security, Colin Arnold says, he’s looking forward to the recent improvements the city has made. “I’m excited to announce that at the end of this week, we’re going to participate in the city government in a in-residence hurricane training exercise that will be the first of its kind.”

This exercise is projected to quadruple the amount of people who will be evacuated during a hurricane emergency. But Arnold says, he needs your help. “Make an evacuation plan that includes all of your families, potential special needs, and pets. gather emergency supplies. If it’s an evacuation, we call it a go-bag. if it’s a shelter in place we call it a home-kit.”

Mayor Cantrell invites you to sign up for nola ready alert and call 311 for non-emergency hurricane situations. There’s also a destination residents to go to as a last resort. “The Smoothie King Center is now the location for city assisted evacuation and processing.” Mayor Cantrell explained.

The Meteorologist for National Weather Service in Slidell Ben Shot, says, as of now, the weather for hurricane season is deemed average. “That doesn’t mean we can sit back and think that it won’t be something that won’t impact us here in the city so we need to prepare like it only takes one.”

According to homeland security, you can also be prepared by purchasing non-perishable items, flashlights, and clothing. In addition, you can register your family on  and which will give road conditions throughout the state.

“We will continue to strengthen and build our relationships and communication with all of our partners” Says Cantrell, “It just doesn’t start and stop today. it’s something that is ongoing throughout hurricane season and we look to always be better.”

Safety leaders also urge residents and visitors to give themselves at least five days to prepare for a hurricane.


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