‘Running of the Bill’ gets this guy gored in the leg & stabbed in the heart


Bill Hillmann writes a book about his bloody love story

NEW ORLEANS – As a boxer, he’s a Golden Gloves champ.

Now, he hopes to really knock you out with the book he’s been writing.

His name is Bill Hillmann.

And WGNO’s Bill Wood says the book is about his love and sixteen years running with the bulls.

The bulls you’ve heard about.

The bulls of Pamplona, Spain.

Bill’s been passionate about it since he was a kid.

This year will be Bill’s sixteenth trip to travel through the streets of Pamplona with his bulls.

His passion has gotten him gored.

Three times.

Twice in the leg.

And once, well, let’s just say that location is now behind him.

Somehow, between the bulls, Bill Hillman found love.

The love of his life.

He got a girlfriend in Spain.

Now, Paula Andion is his fiancee.

His book is called The Pueblos.

That’s what the little villages around Pamplona are called.

The public release for Bill Hillmann’s book, hi third book in fact will be at Favela Chic, 525 Frenchman Street.

That’s on Saturday May 29.

Bill Hillmann is in Louisiana working on his PhD in English.

That keeps him busy.

That and planning for a wedding.

And the next trip to Pamplona, Spain.

The bulls will be waiting.

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