Rockin’ and Rollin’ in Slidell’s Golf Cart Parade in this ‘Mystery Machine’


SLIDELL (WGNO)— Christmas is rockin’ and rollin’ in Slidell with its annual ‘Golf Cart Parade.’ Festive golf cart drivers in the community decorated their golf carts and will be throwing out special Christmas goodies to kids along the parade route.

WGNO’s Kenny Lopez got a sneak peek at one of this year’s best, if not the best golf cart to be rolling in the parade.

It is no mystery how much Miss Bonnie Vanney loves taking part in Slidell’s Christmas “Golf Cart Parade.” For this year’s parade, she creatively crafted her golf cart to look like the ‘Mystery Machine’ from Scooby Doo.

“He just makes me laugh,” she said.

Even Scooby and the gang would have a difficult time cracking the case on how best to decorate a golf cart.

“You have to think about how you are going to attach this all to a golf cart because you are limited as to what you can or can’t attach to them,” she said.

Basically Miss Bonnie makes one big blanket and decorates it and attaches it to the golf cart.

So what do the neighbors think of Miss Bonnie’s ‘Mystery Machine?’

“They never know what I’m going to come out of the garage in. I use it in parades, but I ride around the neighborhood drinking beer too,” she said.

No beer here today, but she hopes the sight of her cart will ignite fear in the Mayor’s wife—Peggy Cromer’s eyes.

“Our war is going on because I called her last week and I told her I found out what she was ordering for her golf cart and she got a little bent out of shape. It is a friendly war,” Vanney said.

Peggy Cromer said, “She’s been working on her cart all year round and she says her going to be better than mine, it is a big competition.”

“Let’s face it, have you seen a golf cart that looks like that before? It is not going to happen. It is good, it is good,” Miss Bonnie enthusiastically said.

“And you don’t win anything other than saying mine is better, but I can say that mine is better too,” Peggy Cromer said.

Who’s golf cart is more festive? Well that’s mystery for Scooby Doo and the gang to solve!

Slidell’s Golf Cart Parade will take place on Sunday December 5th, starting at 5pm at Slidell’s City Hall and it will roll through Old Towne.

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