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NEW ORLEANS – After struggling through a full set at the Orpheum Theater last night, rocker Ryan Adams thanked his New Orleans fanbase for helping him get through the show.

Adams suffers from a chronic ear condition called Meniere’s disease, which causes him to experience seasickness while on stage.

Fans are discouraged from flash photography at his shows, and Adams does his best to avoid the glare of the stage lights while he performs since bright lights worsen the condition.

Last night, Adams spoke frequently about being sick, commenting between songs that he wasn’t quite sure if he was going to be able to make it through the two hour show, according to Mike Hester, a WGNO newscast director who attended the show.

Adams took to Instagram this morning to leave a parting message to the fans who he said helped him power through.

“I HAVE THE BEST FANS!,” Adams wrote. “I felt so horrible tonight but not ONE SINGLE PERSON flashed me tonight! You sweet folks carried me to into the second hour and I’ll love you forever for it. I LOVE NEW ORLEANS!!! I’ll bust my ass anytime for you.”

Adams also stopped the show at one point to make sure a fan who passed out in the crowd received medical attention.

“PS the guy who passed out was ok- last we heard, thank goodness,” Adams wrote.