LORANGER, La. (BRPROUD) — A Loranger man says a road closure has caused an increase of vehicles turning around in his driveway — but at a fair cost!

Highway 40 in Loranger is currently closed due to a culvert replacement. However, there are multiple signs announcing the road closure, but some drivers refuse to pay attention.

Joshua Perilloux created a make-shift road closure sign and placed it at the end of his driveway, for all the drivers who had to make last-minute turnarounds. He decided to make some fun out of the situation after talking with a neighbor about how drivers are not following the detour signs and using suggested alternative routes.

“There’s a road closure by our house for culvert replacement and there’s signs, more than four, one is lit up, posted 1.6 miles ahead, and continues all the way to our house, but people are non-believers so Charlotte and myself posted up in our driveway today after work for fun!” said Perilloux.

Hundreds of vehicles, traveling at least 50 miles per hour, were greeted with the ultimate warning sign that said: “It’s true, the road is closed. $1.00 to turn around here, times are hard.”

Photo Courtesy of Joshua Perilloux Facebook

“I made the signs once I made it home from work on Monday and parked my truck there with my daughter, just hanging out, having a good time… so to try to lighten up the situation, I came up with the idea.”

One driver followed directions and paid his dollar fine via Venmo.

His two-year-old daughter Charlotte was seen on the bed of the truck with her toy phone, pretending to alert law enforcement about the vehicles telling them, “Cops, people can’t read, okay, okay, bye.”

Perilloux and his wife, Megan, have lived in the community for just over three years and absolutely love the community and its surroundings.

“We are just having a little fun with our community,” said Perilloux.

The construction is expected to be completed by the end of June.