Ribbon cutting for New Orleans East road improvements

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NEW ORLEANS EAST— Mayor LaToya Cantrell and other local leaders gathered for to mark the completion of the Read East Group A road improvements in, just a few blocks from Joe Brown Park.

“We are being very intentional as it relates to implementing our joint infrastructure roads project as well as making sure we’re using our federal dollars wisely,” said Mayor Cantrell. “We’re making real progress here, but we cannot do it alone.”

The $5 million project is the first of six construction projects that will improve the infrastructure in the Read Boulevard East neighborhood, which spans from Read Boulevard, I-10, I-510 and Chef Menteur Highway.

“I’m excited. I drive around the district every day and I see more things happening,” said District E City Councilmember Cyndi Nguyen. “Mayor, thank you so much for standing behind your commitment to District E. I look forward to working with you on future projects to make District E the best place to live and to work.”

Sylvia Scineaux-Richard, President of the Eastern New Orleans Neighborhood Advisory Commission explained, “We are so very happy, proud and pleased that our Mayor and our City Councilwoman would see how important it is for the New Orleans East community to have these kinds of projects that help us to work, play and live in a way that we have always aspired to do. And now we have someone supporting that effort, and it’s just unbelievably wonderful.”

The City has completed eight projects in the Joint Infrastructure Program worth about $22 million and has 10 projects under construction worth about $50 million.

There are also approximately $25 million in projects kicking off in the next 60 days.

The scope of the work varies by block but covered 120 blocks in the area and included the following:

  • Patch Mill/Overlay: Repaving the asphalt roadway from curb to curb and repair damaged sidewalks;
  • Patch Concrete: Removing damaged portions of the concrete roadway and replace it with new smooth concrete pavement;
  • Incidental Road Repairs: Removing damaged portions of the asphalt roadway and replace it with new smooth pavement; and
  • Non-Paving Incidents: Repairing damaged sidewalks, driveway aprons and curbs within the public right-of-way, Americans with Disabilities Act-compliant ramps.

There are five more projects in the Read Boulevard East neighborhood worth approximately $25-30 million.

Hard Rock Construction, LLC served as the construction contractor, while Evans & Graves Engineers served as the designer/construction manager.


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