Rex vows to continue traditional toast at St. Charles mansion despite devastating 7-alarm fire

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NEW ORLEANS – Still reeling from the devastating loss of a St. Charles Avenue mansion that has been central to the Rex organization for generations, Rex officials say they will continue to salute the Montgomery-Grace Home on Mardi Gras Day.

“The entire Rex organization has its thoughts and prayers with the Montgomery and Grace families during this tragic time,” Rex official James Reiss said. “I would echo the families’ sentiment that, while this is a tragedy, an epic loss for them and for the organization, their thoughts and prayers and their thanks are with the first responders whose steadfast dedication to duty and heroism truly was unparalleled in such a large magnitude event.”

Rex official James Reiss

The fire, which began in the basement of the historic home and quickly developed into a massive 7-alarm inferno, gutted the structure and its contents.

On top of being a fixture in the Garden District, the Victorian style home has been central to Rex for over 100 years.

“This majestic residence has been a special setting since 1907 for a very iconic tradition for the Rex organization,” Reiss said. “It has been long since a stop for the King of Carnival to bid a toast to all of the families that have lived there, past monarchs that have lived there, and their dedication, noty just to Rex, but to all of New Orleans Carnival and its longevity.”

The parade traditionally stops at the house for a toast, and that tradition will not end with the fire.

“Rex will stop once again in 2019 at 2525,” Reiss said. “We are very honored to announce that that tradition will continue. Once again, Rex himself will stop at 2525 and toast to the family.”


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