SLIDELL, La (WGNO) — For the second time in less than a month, the Slidell Police Department is remembering one of its K-9 officers that died. This time, it was a retired dog named Scout.

According to the department, Scout was born in 2009 and began working with the department in 2012. He retired in 2020 and died on Tuesday due to multiple health issues.

Scout was celebrated on multiple occasions for his work to apprehend suspects. In March of 2015, Scout apprehended a DWI suspect who led Slidell Police on a chase that started in the Olde Town area and ended with the suspect crashing his truck. The suspect was booked with multiple charges including DWI and Hit an Run after he was treated for minor dog bites.

In a social media post announcing Scout’s death, the department recalled another case, also from 2015, when police were trying to apprehend a man described as a ‘deranged shooter’ who was firing a gun a people and the officers who were trying to stop him. SPD says Scout was sent after the suspect, and the dog tackled the man, leading to his arrest.

After his retirement, Scout lived with his K-9 officer handler as a part of their family.

Last month, the department’s K-9 Kano died from an undiagnosed cancer shortly after apprehending a suspect. The department ended its social media post about Scout’s death by saying, “Tell K-9 Kano hello for us.”