NEW ORLEANS (WGNO)- It’s been almost five months since Hurricane Ida hit and in that time, thousands remain displaced that including students at a local school. Luckily, some students are going to return to their home campus soon.

Starting Tuesday, January 18, 2022, all the Fighting Wildcats will begin school again. So, mark your calendars school is about to be back in session.

It’s been 142 days since the classrooms have been dark and empty. Destrehan students shared a campus for the meantime with Hahnville High School.

As many of you probably remember the Destrehan High School took a beating during the Category 4 storm. The damage forced school administrators to make the tough decision to shut down completely while significant repairs were made.

For months contractors and school staff has been fixing the school and the doors will finally reopen in five days.

Heads up to students returning to campus next week, things might look a little different while some work is still being done. Those areas will be blocked off. Parents, instructions for returning to campus can be found on the school website, CLICK HERE or visit for more information.

Good luck students and staff.