Ren Fest must-see: Jousting tournaments are entertainment for all

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One of the most iconic events at every Renaissance Festival is the joust. At the Louisiana Renaissance Fest, it’s a challenge for actors who combine comedy with coordination and riding skills.

The massive horses, who seem to dance into the arena, are over six feet tall and weigh 2,000 pounds! The amor worn by the knights weighs about 110 pounds.

The crowd plays a big role, and on this particular day, WGNO’s Travel Girl, Stephanie Oswald, joined the masses to see the red knight, Sir Roland, take on the blue knight, Sir Marcus.

After a few bouts of jousting on horseback, where lances were drawn and the horses were charging, the men took their fight to the ground, where Sir Marcus was defeated fairly quickly.

During each show, period-clad announcers rally the spectators and encourage lots of cheering. Sometimes it gets a little mean-spirited, but overall, it’s an entertaining comedy act.

“I beat him because I’m bigger, I’m meaner, I’m stronger, I’m faster… And I’m fierce. I am power out there,” declared Sir Roland.

The good news for Sir Marcus? He’ll have plenty of chances to get revenge; he and Sir Roland will be competing for the remainder of the Ren Fest.


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