Remembering Nancy Parker at her memorial service

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NEW ORLEANS — Hundreds of people showed up at a memorial service for Nancy Parker on Friday morning, and that was before the doors opened for the ceremony. And they kept coming. Nancy worked as a news anchor and reporter  at WVUE for 23 years. She died one week ago in a small plane crash while shooting a news story.
Many of the people who attended the service relied on Nancy’s trusted voice to deliver the events of the day. Others were elected leaders like Congressman Cedric Richmond or community leaders like Saints and Pelicans owner Gayle Benson. Still others, like Archbishop Gregory Aymond, are spiritual leaders who were helping so many people try to understand how someone who was so important to the community could be gone. “This last week has just been numbing. Just like a number of New Orleanians, I just feel that numbing affect that this is not real,” Sidney Reed told WGNO.  Reed says he and Nancy went to high school together in Alabama. Nancy’s husband, Glynn Boyd, works for the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s office. For more than a decade Glynn worked as a reporter for WGNO.  Nancy and Glynn also have three children including a set of twins. Glynn told the crowd that Nancy was, “My best friend, my lover, my comforter, my everything.” New Orleans attorney Stephen Rue was among those who waited in line to get inside the building for the service.   He’s also one of the many people who will remember Nancy for the good things she did to help so many people through her work and volunteering. “It makes you think how much you have to cherish every moment of your life, to tell the ones you love that you love them…” Rue told WGNO.  “…and to take advantage of all the blessings that our Lord has give us to enjoy our day and to help other people like Nancy did every day of her life.”


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