Ready to receive his Oscar!


Oprah already thinks he's a star

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NEW ORLEANS –  It’s almost time for the Oscars.

You can watch Hollywood’s biggest night on WGNO ABC 26 on Sunday night, February 9.

One kids is ready.


You see, it’s audition season in Hollywood.

And in a rehearsal studio, not far from New Orleans, Cayden Williams works with his acting coach.

Cayden is eleven.

And as WGNO News with a Twist features guy Wild Bill Wood wants you to know, Cayden Williams is already a working actor.

Now he can add to his resume, Wild Bill’s Amazing Kids brought to you by your friends at The Keating Law Firm.

Wild Bill wonders “why do you act?”

Cayden Williams says, ” ’cause it’s my passion, always been my passion, cause I came out the womb active baby.”

Wild Bill laughs and says, “I believe it!”

Cayden Williams stars in the TV show,  David Makes Man.

It’s a drama on OWN, Oprah’s TV channel.

From TV to TV commercials to movies, Cayden’s been in front of a camera since he was five.

Cayden says, “I don’t know, this brain of mine, I’m gonna let it shine.”

Cayden feels the light.

And he can feel an Oscar coming.

He’s ready to receive with his acceptance speech, “I just like to thank God first. my momma, my dad, my family, for everybody who believed in me.”

He’s a one man show business machine.

He’s got an agent.

He’s got a manager.

He’s got a lawyer.

And now, with Wild Bill surveying the top of Cayden’s head, it looks like he’s taking interviews for a full time hair stylist.


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