Pussyfooters practice for Friday’s Blush Ball

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Behind Cafe du Monde in City Park, ladies dressed in pink brave the cold to get in a practice before their big night on Friday.

The Pussyfooters Blush Ball and a long list of parades this Mardi Gras season will have these women busy.

In the diverse group are Grace King High School’s librarian, Tawanda Carter, and school nurse Jenny Lagos.

To get into the group, a woman like Jenny had to be invited in by Tawanda, who was an already existing member.

Once in a new Pussyfooter, known as a kitten, is exposed to a group of ladies wanting to raise money for women in need and have a good time doing it.

This week the ladies will fit in as much practice as they can, because they know the Mardi Gras crowds are waiting for them to make a splash.


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