Pup-er Bowl raises money for ARNO


NEW ORLEANS – It’s Super Bowl Sunday and our furry friends, also known as a man’s best friend, are celebrating in their own way! 

Two local organizations teamed up to raise money for a local animal shelter and last year’s infamous no-call inspired the second annual event!

“The Pup-er Bowl is here to benefit ARNO, the Animal Rescue New Orleans” Director of Marketing, Chase Guillory told WGNO.

ARNO is a nonprofit organization who takes care of animals no matter their age or size.

“We have multiple fundraising opportunities going on including the silent auction.”

There’s also a photo booth, a puppy kissing stand and an opportunity to adopt a friend!

“Everything goes to these little guy’s care!” Vice President of ARNO, Ginnie Beaumann told us. “Their spay neuter, their shots.”

“On top of the donations and adoptions, puppy parents say this event is perfect for their four-legged friends!”

“Well, it’s beautiful today and she gets to get socialized” One dog mom mentioned.

“The majority of the dogs here are really friendly. It’s a good spot for them to play on the gravel. It doesn’t get too messy or crazy or anything.”

Who would have thought, the 2018 no-call would inspire such a fundraiser?

“We were boycotting the Super Bowl so this was a way for us to boycott and help the community at the same time cause that’s what we’re all about” Guillory said.

This year, the Pup-er Bowl is expected to raise over ten thousand dollars!


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