NEW ORLEANS (WGNO)— Voters will vote tomorrow in the runoff election for District 3 Public Service Commission. The election is between incumbent Lambert Boissiere and newcomer Davante Lewis.

The five-person Commission is an important position that maybe a lot of voters don’t know much about, but the Public Service Commission regulates prices, reliability, and safety of public services.

Both candidates say lower utility bills is what they’ll fight for.

Current Louisiana Public Service Commissioner for District 3, Lambert Boissiere says he wants to continue to fight for lower energy costs, expanding internet broadband, and promoting green energy.

“Work hard as we can to get the most reliable power at the cheapest rates, but I also care about doing that by having a clean environment,” Boissiere said.

Since 2004, Boissiere served as Public Service Commissioner but now he’s in a runoff with Davante Lewis, who’s the Director of Public Affairs and Outreach for the Louisiana Project. Lewis says it is time for a change.

“I think it is time for a new generation of leaders. For too long it has been the same, and it’s time to bring in a new generation with new ideas,” Lewis said.

Lewis went on to say, “We need to get the utility companies out of our elections, so they are not picking and choosing who they want to be their regulator.”

For voters like Linda Kocher, the main issue is high utility bills.

“People feel like they can’t live anymore. Like a lot of people I recently found out what a Public Service Commissioner does,” Kocher said.

She went on to say, “They do everything from Entergy, telephone, so many different things in our lives, and I’m just finding out how to hold them accountable.”

As always voting counts.

“Your energy bill and you look at all those fees they are all approved by Louisiana Public Service Commission, so when you’re talking about holding Entergy or Cleco accountable it starts with examining the amount of excessive fees they are charging.

“Everybody has a utility bill or affected by utilities, so I hope people take it very seriously, and I want to continue those fights of serving people and serving Louisiana,” Boissiere said.

The Public Service Commissioner’s term is for six years. Both candidates in this runoff election are Democrats.