ARABI, La. (WGNO) — Saturday, the Save Our St. Bernard (SOS) organization held a fundraiser to help their fight against the Port of New Orleans’ plan to build a cargo port in Violet.

“Every other city puts these terminals in highly industrialized areas of the city,” SOS President Robby Showalter said. “What they want to do is put this right smack dab in these neighborhoods and destroy the quality of life for these children.”

Showalter lived in that St. Bernard Parish neighborhood for over 65 years. Similar to many people against the project, he does not want to see his hometown changed.

In March, WGNO attended an open house for the project. Since then, homeowners said they were left in the dark.

Saturday, Port NOLA Chief of Staff Laura Mellem said they will not break ground in Violet until at least 2025. She also said, her team has been readily available for neighbors.

“We have a community office just blocks from the project,” Mellem said. “We continue to welcome people on a regular basis to provide updates on the project, answer any questions folks might have and really just to have a presence in the community.”

The design phase was ongoing but the company expected to bring on a new developer and release new renderings to the public in the near future.

However, they still battled the infrastructure issues.

“The biggest thing we heard is the concern about traffic,” Mellem said. “We really think this terminal can be the catalyst for a new roadway to connect lower St. Bernard to the interstate system.”

Parish leadership said there are still other concerns, as well.

“There’s so much wetlands going to be destroyed,” Councilman Fred Everhardt said. “It’s drainage, it’s the quality of life. It’s going to affect the subdivisions the whole violet area and all of the areas around it.”

Parish council members and SOS members said they are not against a port. However, they believed it would be better suited for a location in Plaquemines Parish.