Police say arrested teacher regularly made sexual comments, touched multiple students

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GRETNA, LA – A teacher at Thomas Jefferson High School has been arrested and charged with touching students and making inappropriate sexual comments.

Sixty-one-year-old Kim Minor faces one charge of prohibited sexual contact between and educator and a student.

Gretna Police Department chief Arthur Lawson said the situation with Minor came to the attention of the Jefferson Parish School System when social media posts began to surface about some of Minor’s misdeeds.

Administrators contacted police as more details came to light, Lawson said.

“This does not seem like it was an isolated incident,” Lawson said. “There are other students that we are continuing to interview. We feel that there are other students who are out there that have not come forward out of fear that maybe there was no kind of action that was going to be taken in these incidents.”

Investigators have learned that Minor regularly made lewd sexual comments to students at Thomas Jefferson, including remarking on the students’ physiques in public on the school grounds.

Minor also inappropriately touched students, including a Gretna 17-year-old girl that filed the complaint leading to the charge.

Any students, former students, or parents who may have any information on Minor’s actions need to contact police immediately, Lawson said.

The charge Minor faces is a misdemeanor, but any additional charges will result in an escalation of the potential penalties, Lawson said.

“Unfortunately, we don’t write the laws, we just enforce them,” Lawson said. “This is a charge that, if charged with a second offense of this crime, becomes a felony.”


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