Police: Kenner man arrested a second time for impersonating officer


Wade Boudin mugshot 9-8-1014

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KENNER, La. (WGNO) – Wade Boudoin of Kenner apparently has not learned his lesson. Less than four months after he was booked and charged with impersonating a police officer the 43-year-old was caught again, this time saying he was an undercover police officer and needed to search an area hotel.

According to a release, Boudoin entered the Contempra Inn, at 2820 Williams Boulevard in Kenner Sunday with a police style radio in his hand. When an employee asked him what he was doing, Boudoin reportedly replied, “don’t you hear the police radio?”

Boudoin told other staff he was an undercover police office and he was here to investigate “criminal activity going on.”

When he was asked for credentials Boudoin began to curse and displayed an identification holder before fleeing.

Boudoin was pulled over Monday morning for improper lane use in the 3000 block of Loyola Drive.

During the traffic stop, Boudoin was identified by witnesses as the person who came to the Contempra Inn and said he was an officer.

Boudoin was arrested and charged with the crimes of false personation of a police officer and disturbing the peace.

In May 2014, Boudoin was arrested and charged when he pulled a woman over wearing a black t-shirt with the word “POLICE” in white lettering on the front and back, a police style belt and handcuffs.

A neighbor told WGNO in May, many have grown used to Boudoin’s shenanigans, but passersby and others new to the community have been rolling right into his web of deception.

“Oh man, everybody think, your neighbor a police, across the street. No man, he ain’t no police. He want to be one,” Billy Lewis said.


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