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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – It may look like a service call, but New Orleans police say a tow-truck driver has other plans for the vehicles he hauls away. Two vehicle thefts involving a flatbed tow truck are under investigation.

WGNO News Reporter Darian Trotter has security camera video of the crimes and reaction from one of the victims.

Security camera video shows what happened on Franklin Avenue early Friday morning.

Investigators say it sheds light into the mystery of a car that disappeared from the Franklin Avenue Pharmacy.

“We know that it had to be stolen,” the victim’s friend Todd Dixon said.

Todd Dixon says the black 1990 Ford Probe was parked on the side of his friend’s pharmacy located at the corner of Franklin Avenue and Robert E. Lee Boulevard.

That was until a man driving a flatbed tow truck pulled up, like it was business as usual.

“He pulls up, white truck backs in, speaking to neighbors. ‘Hey, how you doing?’ Like everything was, you know, he was supposed to be here.”

The video was taken from a nearby business.

Witnesses say the friendly tow-truck driver placed the vehicle onto his flat bed, secured it, and then drove away.

“It’s kind of strange, I mean, this guy is bold. He’s real bold.”

The Franklin Avenue case is just the latest under investigation by the NOPD.

A few days earlier the same kind of vehicle theft occurred in the 5100 block of Congress Drive.

Security camera video shows a blue 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee being hauled away on a flat bed.

In both cases the flatbed truck was described as white with red letters. In both cases Gentilly neighbors saw the handy work of the driver and thought nothing of it.

“Like it was just normal.”

Dixon says neighbors need to do a better job keeping watch.

“Question everything, question everything. I mean, you just don’t know.”

Police have not yet determined if the crimes are related.