NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – If it works for football, basketball, and baseball, why can’t high school kids play on the team that plays video games?

WGNO Good Morning New Orleans features reporter Bill Wood says now, they can.

And can let their fingers do the scoring.

Bill Wood asks, “are there touchdowns, three-point shots, and home runs?”

The answer is, “yes there are.”

“What about fouls and field goals?” Bill Wood wonders.

And again, “yes, there actually are.”

Let the gaming begin.

At New Orleans Charter Science & Mathematics High School.

The school that’s called Sci High.

And what they’re playing is called E-Sports.

“E” as in electronics.

In case you didn’t get the text, it’s a thing,

And it’s a thing at schools and colleges across the country.

Here at Sci HIgh, the team suits up with uniforms.

Their mascot is the Nautilus.

WGNO’s Bill Wood wonders, “what is that?”

Atlantis Ridley, a tenth-grader says, “kind of like an octopus and a squid combined.”

So, play ball.

In this case, there’s no ball.

Just a big computer screen on a TV where they knock it out of the park.

They do.

They compete against other schools form Louisiana to Minnesota.

All they need now, is the sound of fans.

In the stands.