Plaquemines Parish holds Breakfast of Champions

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NEW ORLEANS – The Plaquemines Parish school board rewarded their local students who were in the top ten percentile for their grade point averages. The honorable ceremony was called Breakfast of Champions.

The breakfast was held at The Belle Chasse Auditorium (8398 Hwy. 23, Belle Chasse, LA).

Fresh fruit was served, cold beverages, pastries, and a buffet of popular breakfast items. 129 students were present and they were all greeted with smiles and a harpist playing soft music in the spacious room.

Grades 9-12 were recognized for their stellar classroom performances. Many of the students had 3.5 GPA’s and higher. More than a few obtained a 4.0 GPA.

Belle Chasse High School, Phoenix High School, and South Plaquemines High School were the three student bodies that attended the ceremony.

Breakfast of Champions has been around for decades. However, the Parish discontinued the tradition for a few years. This year, the event was reintroduced in honor of a former superintendent.

While the morning breakfast took a village to pull off, the staff say the kids are more than deserving, “Our students are involved in extra circular activities so it takes a lot of time management.” Counselor, Lindsey Lozes told WGNO. “They’re taking advanced classes, whether that’s honors or dual enrollment so it’s really important that they’re recognized for all of their achievements.

Many of the students are a part of athletic teams and school organizations and they tell us, events like this make them feel special. “I’m really honored to be a part of this event because not only is this showcasing how much work I put in, it’s also [showcasing] my fellow classmates.” Student, Ad’Mirel shared.

The staff says they’re expecting to continue this tradition for years to come. They say finding unique ways to award their terrific kids is important to the Parish.


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