Plane crashes near Feu Follet Road post office in Lafayette, five fatalities, one survivor confirmed so far



Photo courtesy KLFY

UPDATE 2:40 p.m.: The plane, a twin-engine turbo prop Piper owned by Cheyenne Partners, LLC, (N42CV) was headed to DeKalb-Peachtree Airport in Atlanta, Ga., according to its flight plans. Flight data from showed that the plane only achieved an altitude of around 375 feet before crashing. Eyewitnesses explained that the plane took out power lines and struck a nearby occupied vehicle – the driver of which was among the bystanders take to the hospital.

The passengers of the plane have been confirmed as follows:

  • Ian E. Biggs, white male, the plane’s pilot, age 51
  • Robert Vaughn Crisp II, white male, age 59
  • Carley Ann McCord, white female, age 30
  • Gretchen D. Vincent, white female, age 51
  • Michael Walker Vincent, white male, age 15

One injured plane passenger remains hospitalized and in critical condition:

  • Stephen Wade Berzas, white male, age 37

UPDATE, 11:06 a.m.: Lafayette Fire Chief Robert Benoit confirms the craft was an eight-passenger plane. There is one survivor from the crash in addition to the five fatalities. Three people on the ground not affiliated with the plane have been transported to the hospital. Local first responders are awaiting federal investigators, who will release further information.

UPDATE, 10:52 a.m.: Lafayette Fire Chief Robert Benoit confirms five fatalities at the scene. Acadian Ambulance confirms two people transported to local hospitals, one from the plane, one from outside the plane — possibly the motorist that was struck by plane debris.

ORIGINAL POST: LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — The Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office confirms that a plane has crashed near the post office on Feu Follet Road near Verot School Road at around 9:20 this morning.

There appear to be unconfirmed fatalities and injuries, possibly as many as five people. The craft appears to be a small private plane, possibly a Piper fixed-wing, though that is currently unconfirmed, as well.

The Walmart on Pinhook Road has been evacuated as a precaution.

Eyewitnesses tell KLFY the scene say they heard sounds from above “like a semi-truck” as the lights went out at businesses and residences near the crash scene. Several residents tell KLFY they are without power at this hour.

Kevin Jackson, a local resident, said he saw the crash.

“I was right outside before the crash. I noticed (the plane) was low and smoking like hell,” said Jackson. “It shook my trailer. I knew something was bad. I went in my house, and all you heard was this massive explosion.”

Jackson and other eyewitnesses said the plane also hit a car on its way down.

“Someone was screaming from that car,” said one eyewitness. “There were little explosions for five minutes or so after that. There was a big old ball of flame.”


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