PJ Morton to serve as artist-in-residence at Dillard


NEW ORLEANS— Grammy Award winner and Morehouse College graduate PJ Morton has accepted an artist-in-residence position at Dillard University.

Morton says,”I went to a HBCU and it’s important, and it’s important for HBCU graduates, first, to step up and give back to that community. “Really what it is is a partnership between me, Dillard and my company, Morton Records.”

As such the one year partnership has already paid dividends for some students who witnessed his Superbowl Gospel Celebration performance that aired this past weekend. The performance was shot in the theater at Dillard.

Cortheal Clark, Chairperson for the School of Humanities said, “This is where PJ comes in, where the students have an excellent opportunity to understand the collaborative sense of what music is all about.”

Cortheal Clark, Chairperson for the School of Humanities Dillard University (WGNO-TV)

The partnership includes master classes with industry pros, internships, and even the opportunity for the students to showcase their work.

“In the spring we’re going to do a talent show. This year, it is only going to be current Dillard students,” said Morton.

Cortheal Clark stated, “We have a chance to have him here, in a setting where the students get a chance to watch and learn.”


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